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Directional Drilling

We offer a suite of high performance technologies and services that achieve accurate wellbore placement, enhanced drilling efficiencies, and lower project costs.


Our directional drilling tools are designed, manufactured and tested in-house with a strong focus on quality control and quality assurance to provide our customers with equipment that is durable and reliable.

Drilling Optimization

Our Drilling Optimization Group provides
in-depth technical analysis, customized solutions and comprehensive recommendations designed for efficient and accurate wellbore placement.

A Trusted Partner

Cathedral Energy Services is a trusted partner to North American energy companies requiring high performance directional drilling services. We work in collaboration with our customers to tailor our equipment and expertise to meet their specific geographical and technical needs. Our experience, technologies and responsive personnel enable our customers to achieve higher efficiencies and lower project costs.

Since 1998, Cathedral Energy Services has been committed to delivering exceptional service and innovative drilling technologies. With experienced and knowledgeable employees and contractors, and local operation centers in each of the key basins across North America, Cathedral is strategically positioned to meet our customers’ evolving requirements.

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Cathedral divests its Flowback and Production Testing division to Ideal Completions Group.