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Cathedral’s nDURANCE® motor series combines our proprietary power sections and patented bearing sections to deliver increased torque, proven reliability and outstanding drilling performance in todays challenging drilling environments. With over 40 million meters drilled in basins across North America, our nDURANCE motors have delivered higher overall ROP (rate of penetration) compared to traditional motors, significantly shortening time-to-TD and reducing project costs for our customers.


  • Consistent torque at high loads

  • Low friction angular bearings for axial and radial support

  • Ultra high strength driveline components

  • Multi-stack split race bearing design

  • Shorter bit to bend


  • Formations with poor build tendencies

  • Hard, aggressive, and unconsolidated formations

  • Monobore wells


  • Enhanced bit life / more time on bottom

  • Greater reliability / fewer trips

  • Increased horsepower and torque

  • Higher durability

  • Greater weight on bit capacity

  • Lower project costs

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