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Quality Control & Testing Operations

Cathedral provides equipment designed and built with a focus on quality. Stringent QA & QC (quality assurance and quality control) procedures combined with extensive personnel training ensure that the best product is used in operations. Our in-house testing capabilities are unique for a company of our size and allow our team to perform in-depth tests to qualify the equipment for field usage. Cathedral’s testing routines and processes improve tool reliability and enable us to deliver dependable solutions to our clients.

We have instituted a comprehensive maintenance program which includes standardized job procedure manuals for the assembly and dis-assembly process. As part of the comprehensive maintenance program, all tubular components are inspected for thread and fatigue damage, and magnetism. Each drilling motor is then degaussed and placed on our dynamometer which verifies the force and torque capabilities. Our drilling motor fleet is also monitored through our continuous improvement process, which allows us to track individual component life history. This process provides us with the ability to predict component life cycles and implement design modifications for continuous improvement and reliability.



The Vibration Table is capable of testing MWD components at forces up to 50 G’s. Using the data collected down hole with HAWK monitoring system the vibration table can be programmed to accurately reproduce drilling conditions that cause service interruptions, and to test designs for eliminating repetitive component failures.

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