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Drilling Optimization


Our clients want to safely drill accurate wellbores that reach TD faster. Doing so reduces the total cost of projects, improves overall capital efficiency, and enhances future production.

Cathedral is uniquely capable of helping clients optimize their drilling programs.  We have pioneered many of the technological advancements in EM MWD and drilling motors. And, we have drilled programs in all active basins across North America since 1998.

We combine our expertise in technology with our practical drilling experience in an integrated approach to drilling optimization –Catalyst Engineering Services.

Our approach draws on the expertise of our well planning, drilling operations, optimization engineers, and technology personnel to ensure we deliver comprehensive insights tailored to our clients’ specific needs.

Through this collaborative approach, we aim to:

  • Achieve the most efficient well design by minimizing the effects of torque and drag

  • Achieve the most effective well design by maximizing pay zone contact

  • Provide bottom hole assembly (BHA) design and advice on operational parameters to maximize drilling performance for the different sections and formations of the well

  • Structure a continuous improvement process to ensure short and long term drilling performance goals and metrics are achieved

The true power of our collaborative approach to optimization is evident over the course of a multi-well program. Our Catalyst Engineering Services approach has delivered significant improvements in drilling efficiencies over the course of multi-well programs, in some cases generating >25% reduction in drilling times from start to finish. 

Cathedral’s Catalyst Engineering Services offers clients customizable drilling optimization support across all phases of a drilling program including:​

  • Well Planning & Anti-Collision analysis

  • Pad Design

  • BHA design

  • Rock Strength Analysis

  • Drillability assessment

  • Torque & Drag analysis

  • Equivalent Circulating Densities

  • HWDP placement


  • Drilling Parameters

  • Vibration mitigation

  • Remote drilling support

  • On-call Drilling Coordinator

  • Daily drilling reporting


  • Post Well Analysis

  • Vibration Analysis

  • Rotation / Slide Review

  • Build Tendency Review

  • BHA improvement recommendations

  • Drilling parameter recommendations



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