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The HAWK is an integrated downhole vibration measurement tool that enables operators to detect and mitigate harsh drilling conditions as they occur. The HAWK records and transmits summary shock and vibration data to surface in real-time.  This information can then be used to alter drilling parameters to reduce excessive bit wear and mitigate downhole equipment damage caused by drill string shock and vibration effects. The data generated by the HAWK also provides predictive capabilities for bit wear and BHA performance.

By using the HAWK, operators are able to optimize the rate of penetration while taking steps to avoid failures that result in unnecessary trips. In addition, after bit runs, the HAWK’s memory data is merged with the electronic data recorder (EDR) data to enable comprehensive analysis of run performance and generate diagnostic reports on the status of internal tool health.


  • High frequency vibration and shock data acquisition
  • EDR compatibility for real-time viewing
  • Programmable thresholds


  • Any drilling being done with the FUSION suite of tools and technology


  • Increase bit life / reduce premature bit wear
  • Prevent tool damage
  • Reduce unnecessary trips
  • Improve drilling performance through real-time parameter adjustments
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Cathedral divests its Flowback and Production Testing division to Ideal Completions Group.