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The Hawk is a proprietary downhole measurement tool and software platform that continuously records a range of data including: (3-axis) vibration; shock; and, downhole RPM.

MWD operators can readily down-link to the tool and change data packets to address changing drilling conditions. Operators can also define KPI thresholds (e.g. Hits-over-limit) and receive reports during operations.

Rig-available data can be used to make changes to drilling parameters to improve bill life, reduce the incidence of premature bit wear, and extend time-on-bottom. Post-run memory data can also be merged with the EDR data to support more in-depth investigations of downhole conditions (e.g. stick-slip) thereby supporting the optimization process for determining improvements in BHA design and drilling parameters.


  • High frequency vibration and shock data acquisition
  • EDR compatibility for real-time viewing
  • Programmable thresholds


  • Any drilling being done with the FUSION suite of tools and technology


  • Increase bit life / reduce premature bit wear
  • Prevent tool damage
  • Reduce unnecessary trips
  • Improve drilling performance through real-time parameter adjustments
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Introduction of RapidFire MWD platform and closure of Emerald Park and Oklahoma facilities as part of restructuring.