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RapidFire DT

Fusion EM MWD Technology

RapidFire DT (Dual Telemetry)

athedralā€™s RapidFire DT system combines our leading EM and Pulse MWD to deliver a dual telemetry system that provides simultaneous EM and Pulse transmission. The result is an integrated survey platform that significantly increases data (survey, gamma & tool face) density over conventional MWD platforms.

RapidFire DT is a rugged, high-speed MWD system capable of operating both EM and Pulse at higher temperatures, power levels, and effective pulse speeds than most competitor tools allowing for reliable detection to TD in most environments.

Depending upon the application, RapidFire is available in a multitude of configurations including hard mount, retrievable, and with an optional generator for extended run times or high EM power applications.

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Introduction of RapidFire MWD platform and closure of Emerald Park and Oklahoma facilities as part of restructuring.