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FUSION™ GR (Gamma Ray)

Gamma ray sensors measure the natural radioactive emissions from isotopes of potassium, uranium, and thorium contained in, or absorbed into the mineral components of sub-surface rocks.Ā  Each formation has a unique signature which provides drilling personnel an indication of lithology useful for confirming formation characteristics and geosteering.

The gamma ray sensor is composed of a scintillation crystal and a photo-multiplier which are sensitive components to place in the severe conditions encountered downhole. To address this inherent susceptibility, the FUSION GR sensor is housed in a proprietary suspension system that dampens the shock and vibration effects imposed on the crystal. Our innovation has significantly improved the reliability of our gamma tool and has reduced sensor failures.


  • Proprietary suspension system
  • Higher shock tolerances
  • Extended and focused GR modes


  • Any project where operators seek an inexpensive and reliable solution for determining formation tops and boundaries
  • Any horizontal wellbore where geosteering is required to track formation


  • Longer mean time between failures (MTBF) for GR sensor
  • Real-time lithology data to surface
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