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FUSION™ Family

Fusion EM MWD Technology


At its heart, the FUSION™ MWD system is a central data processing unit (brain), housed within a common chassis (backbone), to which a range of sensors and telemetry options can be easily connected to provide the data collection and transmission options clients are seeking for their specific drilling program.

We have continued to ruggedize and evolve the “brain” and “backbone” of the FUSION MWD system to improve the reliability
and performance of the overall platform – highlights of which would include:

• Robust internal (ratchet style) connectors
• Thread-together housing
• Industry leading internal suspension system/custom fin design
• State-of-the-art gamma packaging and suspension system
• Higher definition, tighter survey electronics in the directional sensor
• Enhanced surface decoding algorithm

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Introduction of RapidFire MWD platform and closure of Emerald Park and Oklahoma facilities as part of restructuring.