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FUSION™ EMc2 (High Output)

Fusion EM MWD Technology

As wells are drilled deeper (TVD) and further (MD), detection of EM signals becomes harder to maintain and less reliable. The typical response to more difficult drilling conditions is to “turn up the power” – increasing the frequency of EM transmission to improve detection on surface.

However, as power levels are increased, battery consumption increases dramatically introducing the risk of powering-out the tool before reaching TD. So there is balance required — operating the EM system at a high enough power level to achieve surface detection versus avoiding deep trips due to battery depletion. Fusion EMc2 provides a solution to this challenge.

FUSION EMc2 provides a new (higher) level of power above our base FUSION EM which enables EM detection in areas where EM signal is traditionally lost. In addition, our proprietary mud-driven, downhole generator enables the FUSION EMc2 system to continuously operate at high power levels for as long as drilling conditions require without fear of depleting the batteries, losing power, and having to trip.


  • All features of the FUSION EM system
  • Downhole, mud-driven turbine generator
  • Industry leading design for LCM tolerance


  • Deeper, longer wells requiring higher power levels to achieve detection
  • Deep drilling with OBM systems that render pulse tools ineffective
  • Areas where conventional EM is not reliable and/or unable to achieve detection
  • Wellbores with lost circulation issues
  • Under-balanced and multi-phase drilling
  • Wells requiring multiple agitators that render pulse transmissions ineffective


  • Eliminates surveying non-productive time (NPT) associated with mud pulse data transmission
  • Enables drilling deeper and further with EM
  • Captures EM time savings in more basins and formations across North America
  • Transmits at higher data rates enabling more data to be available (faster) onsurface
  • Reduces the GHG (green house gas) generated during the life-cycle of conventional batteries
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