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FUSION™ DT (Dual Telemetry)

The FUSION Dual Telemetry (DT) configuration pairs the FUSION EM and FUSION RP systems to provide clients with the benefits of EM plus the ability to alternate to pulse telemetry if conditions inhibit EM detection. The advanced surface talk down capabilities of the FUSION platform enables the operating mode of the system to be quickly changed from its baseline EM setting to dual transmission mode in which EM and rotary pulse are both operating.

Unlike standard piggyback applications in which the EM and pulse transmission systems each have directional and gamma ray survey points, FUSION DT has one survey point regardless of the transmission system being used.Ā  As a result, the survey data represents conditions at a consistent distance from the bit whether transmitted by mud pulse or EM.

FUSION DT provides operators with the combined benefits of the individual EM and RP systems resulting in a telemetry system that can generate, transmit, and detect both mud pulse and EM signals from deep, long wellbores in challenging drilling conditions.


  • Transmission system redundancy
  • Toggle-on pulse transmission through sections that challenge EM transmission
  • Power levels and data formats can be altered while drilling


  • Operators who want to exploit the time savings of EM but have concerns about depth limitations or higher impedance formations that may inhibit EM transmissions
  • Tight surface spacing or re-entry programs where tool face control and the ability to steer out of casing is required
  • Programs with high rig density where interference with EM detection is a possibility
  • Drilling in wildcat areas where conditions may vary


  • Eliminates trips for MWD failures
  • Increases data transmission capacity
  • Provides consistent steering data
  • Generates rig time savings by capturing EM survey-on-connection savings through the majority of the well
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