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Cathedral’s Catalyst Engineering Services offers customers customizable support across all phases of a drilling program including:


  • Well Planning & Anti-Collision analysis
  • Pad Design
  • BHA design
  • Rock Strength Analysis
  • Drillability assessment
  • Torque & Drag analysis
  • Equivalent Circulating Densities
  • HWDP placement


  • Drilling Parameters
  • Vibration mitigation
  • Remote drilling support
  • On-call Drilling Coordinator
  • Daily drilling reporting
  • Real-time survey monitoring and analysis

Review / Improve

  • Post Well Analysis
  • Vibration Analysis
  • Rotation / Slide Review
  • Build Tendency Review
  • BHA improvement recommendations
  • Drilling parameter recommendations
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Cathedral divests its Flowback and Production Testing division to Ideal Completions Group.