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Well Planning & Engineering

Cathedral’s Well Planning and Engineering team develops comprehensive plans on how to drill specific directional and horizontal wells. A complete plan includes:

  • A trajectory/directional profile that defines the well geometry
  • Anti-collision and torque and drag analysis to confirm the drillability of the well
  • Bottom hole assembly (BHA) recommendations for each section of the well

The main goal of Cathedral’s Well Planning and Engineering team is to provide our customers with a plan to achieve an accurately placed, efficiently drilled wellbore that meets their objectives and any other regulatory constraints.

With the dramatic shift towards horizontal wells in the past decade, well planning has emerged as one of the most critical aspects of a drilling project. Cathedral’s team relies on its accumulated knowledge and experience, reliable technology and innovative design solutions to achieve the most optimal well trajectories and BHA designs.


  • Well planning and engineering services 24 hours a day
  • Experienced personnel
  • Survey quality assurance
  • Extensive multi-well pad experience
  • Advanced magnetic modeling utilizing High Definition Geomagnetic Model (HDGM) for improved accuracy in wellbore placement and anti-collision analysis


  • Quick turnaround on well plans
  • Reliable plans that lead to practical, drillable projects
  • Ability to discuss future development plans that need to be considered in current wellbore placement decisions
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Cathedral divests its Flowback and Production Testing division to Ideal Completions Group.