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  • Cathedral drills a one-run build/lateral to TD (>5,900m) utilizing the downhole generator in our FUSION EMc2 (High Output MWD) in Kakwa.
  • Utilizing our High Speed pulse tool, helped our client reach TD 2 days ahead of their previous best well in Kakwa.
  • Cathedral consistently holds a 15° tangent with RSS tool and drills the remainder of the well with conventional tools in Kakwa.
  • Cathedral’s FUSION EM and nDURANCE motors drill its first three full-package RSS wells for Seven Generations.
  • Cathedral’s FUSION EM and CLAW motor drill multiple one-run, surface to TD Spirit River wells reducing average time to TD by 40% versus previous pad results.
  • Cathdral’s 5 5/8″ nDURANCE CLAW 650XF and new mud-lube bearing packs successfully drilling build/lateral sections in the Duvernay. 58,000m / 1,100 circ. hours / 0 motor failures to date
  • Our CLAW 5 5/8″ 650XT and NEW mud-lube bearing pack powers an RSS to successfully drill 2 pads (7 wells) of Duvernay laterals with 0 NPT in the Kaybob. 19,301m lateral drilled / 194.9 bit hrs / 99 m per Hr ROP / Up to 12,000 kPa diff pressure.
  • Cathedral’s high flow 55/8″ CLAW 650 (XF) drills lateral to 6,393m in 41.4hrs in Kaybob.
  • Shell Canada Ltd. drilled its longest well to date in W. Canada using Cathedral’s nDURANCE motors powering an RSS and TD at 7,770m in Kaybob.
  • Cathedral successfully drills its 300th well with Bonterra Energy.
  • Cathedral nDURANCE motors and Fusion MWD drilled a 159mm Cardium monobore to TMD of 4,524m in a 7 day spud to TD.
  • RECORD RUN: Cathedral drills the fastest ROP on a one-run Viking well in the Kerrobert field using our Fusion EM and nDURANCE motors. TD at 1,965m / 11.6 Drilling Hrs / ROP of 162 m/hr
  • RECORD RUN: Cathedral drills a record run to kick off point for our client. In at 616m, out at 2,506m in 42.5 drilling hours with an average ROP of 44.5m/hr in Caroline.
  • Cathedral successfully drills its 1,000th well with Raging River and TriStar.
  • RECORD RUN: Cathedral drills its fastest well to date for client using our Fusion EM and nDURANCE motor in the Banff Formation (Alberta) TD at 2,904m / 31.25 Drilling Hrs / ROP of 93 m/hr
  • RECORD RUN: Cathedral drills the longest Shaunavon well to date at 4,008m (13,150 ft.) in 84.75 hours.
  • 6 legs/1 run: 240 Hr run life with continuous inclination EM (FUSION EMc2) and no battery charges (172 circulating hrs) in Clearwater.
  • Cathedral’s FUSION EM and nDURANCE motors drill a 6-leg multi-lateral with 1 BHA and 1 set of batteries in Clearwater for a total interval of 10,449 meters drilled.
  • Cathedral’s consistent multi-lateral performance results in 40 successful wells in the last 12 months with client in Clearwater.


  • RECORD RUN: Williston Basin, North Dakota, Cathedral collaborates with rig site personnel to overcome a shale strike (and open hole sidetrack) to deliver a single bit record lateral in the Bakken to >20,000′. Lateral ROP 158 Ft/Hr / Total time (surface to D/O to TD): 8.4 days
  • RECORD RUN: 12.3 drilling days vs. 14.5 days (previous best) in Three Forks / North Dakota. 2.3 day improvement and TD to 20,855′.
  • Fastest conventional lateral for client in the Meramec with nDURANCE 71/4″ CLAW 250 (XT) – 2 mile lateral.
  • The new 71/4″ CLAW 250 (XT) motor drills 8.5″ monobore to TD in the Niobrara at 12,070 ft., setting a 24 hr drilling record of 6,410 ft. – a 15% improvement over previous best.
  • The fastest well recorded in the North Piceance – 6 day well spud to release.
  • RECORD RUN: 24 Hr footage record. Fastest in the basin, fastest in all counties, and fastest in all Permian formations. 4,990 ft/day in the lateral and 2,652 ft/day spud to TD.
  • RECORD RUN: Cathedral’s nDURANCE motor powers a rotary steerable system to a record one-run lateral in the Wolfcamp B. Interval Drilled: 9,688′  /  40.67 Drilling Hrs.  /  ROP: 238 ft/hr  /  TD at 19,241′
  • Our FUSION RP XT achieving 90-100% decoding at 0.5 second pulse widths in the Wolfcamp / Texas
  • Cathedral’s EMc² (High Output EM) drills >17,000′ with minimal battery consumption. Downhole mud-driven turbine allows extended drilling (>225 Hrs) with minimal battery depletion
  • RECORD RUN: Record spud to release in 7.73 days. A new company record for our client in the Wolfcamp using the 7″ CLAW 400 (HS) and FUSION EM. 16,194′ in 89.5 hrs
  • Cathedral’s new 7″ Claw 400 (HS) delivering new levels of performance in the Permian. 4,841 ft. drilled in 24hr and 20 continuous stands without any slides in Wolfcamp formation
  • Successfully drilled a one run curve and lateral (11,366 ft. interval) with our nDURANCE 7″ CLAW 400 (HS) in the Lower Spraberry
  • Another one run 11,467 ft. curve and lateral drilled with nDURANCE 7″ Claw 400 (HS) in 156 drilling hours in the Lower Spraberry
  • One run curve and lateral drilled to 18,958 ft. TD with FUSION EMc2 High Output Telemetry, eliminating the typical requirement for tripping to change MWD batteries in the Permian (Midland)
  • Cathedral’s nDURANCE motor drills one-run curve and laterals of 11,500 ft. with the CLAW averaging 104’/hr. in the Permian (Midland)
  • RECORD RUN: Our CLAW 400 delivers a record run low angle S-well in the Scoop (McClain County, OKC) Interval Drilled: 10,209′  /  16.5 Drilling Hrs  /  ROP: 65 ft/hr  /  TD: 12,239′  /  94% footage drilled while rotating
  • Cathedral’s first successful one-run lateral to TD utilizing the proprietary 71/4″ CLAW 250 (XT) motor in the Meramec (Kingfisher County).
  • Cathedral’s 5″ CLAW 190 (Halo) drills a 4,909 ft. lateral in 53.25 hrs – a new performance level in the challenging Mississippi Lime.
  • RECORD RUN: Cathedral’s CLAW 400 drills the fastest curve in client’s history in the Utica. 4 drilling Hrs / 8,116′ to TD / 271.75 Ft per Hr average ROP.
  • Cathedral’s FUSION EM and 7″ CLAW 400 (HS) drilled a one-run lateral in the Utica which included a company record for conventionally drilled daily footage. (11,032′ lateral drilled / 42 Drilling Hours / 5,329′ 24 Hr footage)
  • Cathedral’s FUSION EM and 7″ CLAW 400 (HS) conventionally drills a long lateral (Over 3 miles) in the Utica in 105.5 drilling hours.
  • Cathedral’s motors and FUSION EM MWD drill a single run tangent/curve/lateral matching RSS time to TD in the Marcellus.
  • Cathedral’s G5 FUSION EM and non-mag power sections are delivering consistent conventional curve and laterals. Drilling in-zone 98% and 24 hr drilling footage record of 4,446′ in Marcellus/Upper Devonian.
  • Client record for 24 hour conventional footage with Cathedral’s 7″ CLAW 400 (HS) and FUSION EM. Drilled 4,800′ in 24 hours.


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Cathedral divests its Flowback and Production Testing division to Ideal Completions Group.