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Cathedral continues to expand the CLAW family of power sections — adding to our original 5″ and 7″ offerings to meet the evolving needs of deeper, longer wells. In support of these developments, we have introduced a new naming convention to our CLAW family to differentiate our various offerings and assist in selecting the proper motor for specific programs.

Our nomenclature is CLAW ### (AA) where ### reflects the power section speed ratio in revolutions per gallon of drilling fluid, and AA is an abbreviation of the primary feature of the motor. Our current CLAW motor line includes the following specific motors:

The CLAW helps Cathedral deliver Better Performance Every Day to clients across North America with motor performance that far surpasses standard industry offerings.

Our newest 7 1/4″ CLAW 250 (XT) has delivered exceptional ROP and reliability since its introduction.

We also eagerly anticipate drilling results from our new 5 5/8″ CLAW 650 (XF) — a higher flow motor for efficient drilling.


  • The CLAW delivers 50-90% more power than conventional motors
  • The CLAW’s proprietary design accommodates higher flow rates compared to conventional motors
  • The CLAW’s shorter bit to bend (B2B) design yields higher build rates and allows for rotation of motor through higher doglegs, enabling one-run verticals, curves, and laterals


  • Formations with poor build tendencies
  • Hard, aggressive, and unconsolidated formations
  • Monobore wells
  • Where operators want to leverage a rig’s higher pumping power


  • Increased horsepower and torque
  • Greater reliability and fewer trips
  • Greater weight on bit (WOB) capacity
  • Enhanced bit life
  • Greater yield strengths: driveline components constructed from ultra-high strength materials with yield strengths up to 200,000 psi
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Cathedral divests its Flowback and Production Testing division to Ideal Completions Group.