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Catalyst Engineering Services

Catalyst Engineering Services

Since 1998, Cathedral has pioneered many of the technological advances in electromagnetic measurement-while-drilling (EM MWD) tools and drilling motors. The combination of our unique technology and our approach to executing projects, has allowed us to deliver notable improvements in our clients’ drilling performance which have directly contributed to lowering total well costs.

Our clients want to safely drill accurate wellbores that reach TD faster. Doing so reduces the total cost of projects, improves overall capital efficiency, and enhances future production.

The true power of our collaborative approach to optimization is evident over the course of a multi-well program. Our Catalyst Engineering Services approach to program optimization has led to significant improvements in drilling efficiencies over the course of multi-well programs, in some cases generating >25% reduction in drilling times from start to finish.

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Cathedral divests its Flowback and Production Testing division to Ideal Completions Group.