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FUSION™ LP (Linear Pulse)

Cathedral utilizes the FUSION EM system wherever possible to ensure operators capture the time and cost savings available through the survey-on-connection capabilities of EM. However, when mud pulse systems are required, Cathedral offers two Linear Pulse (LP) options:  High Temperature Retrievable (HTR) LP and Cathedral’s proprietary FUSION LP system.

FUSION LP is a closed, retrievable, mud pulse data transmission technology that does not use a pilot valve or screen configuration. As such, downhole mud conditions have minimal effect on our tool performance as there is no screen to pack off or hydraulic assist to jam. Our innovative design of the FUSION LP delivers significantly higher force to the poppet shaft which results in superior clean-out capabilities of material beginning to block the orifice. Cathedral’s FUSION LP tool offers operators unique features and benefits versus standard linear pulse tools available in the industry.

FUSION LP is currently in the final testing stages and is available for customer evaluation.


  • Fewer moving parts
  • Closed-system / no screen or pilot valve
  • Superior clean-out capabilities
  • Retrievable in most vertical and build sections
  • High temperature rating version available


  • In mud pulse applications where lost circulation material (LCM) is used
  • High viscosity mud systems
  • In areas of high rig density where interference with EM detection is a possibility
  • In extremely deep applications where EM transmission is challenged
  • In areas where becoming stuck is a high probability


  • Longer run times
  • Reduced trips due to packing off screens or jamming pilot valves
  • No practical depth limitation
  • Reduced non-productive time (NPT)
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